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How it Works?

SmartClinix Practice Management System (SCPMS) provides the most efficient way to practice medicine.

SCPMS technology and capabilities enable physicians to automate daily practice activities to streamline everything for what’s really important…Effective Patient Care! SmartClinix Practice Management System is specifically designed to ensure workflow effectiveness and efficiency throughout the care process from intake thru discharge.

Our Multidisciplinary Healthcare & IT professional experts have incorporated the latest technology and global industry best practices that deliver innovative, state-of-the-art, benefits and solutions

Customized Solutions For Your Practice

Physician's way to practice and collecting data varies from specialty to specialty and it is important to choose an EMR that can rely on your specialty needs. We know that physicians are skilled at doing the treatments not configuring the software so choose what suits your practice best.

SmartClinix provides you the complete freedom to practice your specialty like a tech-savvy physician with fully customized electronic medical record and practice management solution. This will allow you to maintain the optimal workflow of your practice and let you manage more patients than ever before. We are providing you the smartest way to practice that can easily mold into your practice style to improve the clinical efficiency.

Telemedicine & Video portal

Practice anytime, from anywhere. Increase your reach to all your service areas through HIPAA compliant televideo portal by SmartClinix.

SmartClinix provides an easy and streamlined experience using state-of-the-art in-house developed practice management portal with instant as well as scheduled tele-consultation

SmartClinix also provides you the capabilities of remote patient monitoring and tele consultation for follow up visits which save your patients time and money, resulting in high patient satisfaction.

Paperless Registration & Scheduling

SmartClinix provides simple and quick online scheduling and paperless registration for your patients.

In addition to online scheduling, SmartClinix also comes equipped with automated e-mail and text message reminders, which the system sends out to patients and booked individuals on a specific date prior to their scheduled appointment.

Recording and record-keeping capabilities that make it quick and simple to access data associated with a specific appointment; and repeat patient reminders, which the system sends out automatically when a specified amount of time has expired between appointments.

Patient communication & education

Effective doctor-patient communication is a central clinical function in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, which is the heart and art of medicine. SmartClinix provides you a portal to communicate and share relevant healthcare material with your patients, be it in text form or video form.

This allows you to stay updated with the patients' health at all times, ensure better guidance of the patient and results in extremely high patient satisfaction index.

Electronic Health Record

SmartClinix Electronic Health Record is designed by top healthcare and IT professionals to streamline the practice of physicians with complete clinical automation allowing you to access the medical history of the patients anytime from anywhere.

SmartClinix provides you a well-organised portal that helps the health centres and physician practices to improve productivity, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and deliver an effective way to simplify patient care.

HIPAA Complaint SmartClinix Electronic Health Record is fully secured and customizable according to practice needs, practice size and aims to lift up the practice for better healthcare delivery.


Digital health is the future of healthcare and encompasses various services including e-communications with patients, online scheduling, Telemedicine, integrations and clinical intelligence protocols, which are becoming essential components of a medical practice . However every medical practice is unique in its needs and having a right customizable solution at right price is the key for better productivity & work-flow optimization. That’s what makes SmartClinix a very unique and natural choice for many independent medical practices.

SmartClinix is a project of American TelePhysicians (ATP), which is a physicians-led digital healthcare organisation with vast experience in clinical informatics. Not only we understand the clinical work-flow & build ideal customizable solutions for our partners, we also understand their financial needs and provide our services at right cost!

ATP has won various awards for its outstanding and innovative projects and services . For more information visit our website