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One telemedicine solution with multiple applications We build online clinics! Get a demo and setup your online clinic with SmartClinix within few hours Start practicing online today! Smart hospital solution for efficient processes Increase outreach and improve patient outcomes at hospital with smartClinix! Connected care delivery solution for assisted delivery! Expand services, prevent readmissions & reduce overheads with Smartclinix! Teach telemedicine - the future of healthcare delivery - only with SmartClinix! Prepare young physicians for the digital world! Customized workflow, processes & portals acording to your requirements A tailor-made solution customized for your particluar needs! analysis & forecast using SmartClinix! Reach millions through telemedicine and record progress transparently for strategy Digital solution to provide, record & analyze care delivery! Doctors & Clinics Hospitals Rehab, Nursing Homes
Government Universities Customized Solutions Join as Global Partner Get Demo Virtual Clinics Designed By Physicians for Physicians

Consultations On The Go

SmartClinix is available for both Android & iOS Apps to allow patients to get consultations on the move. The apps replicate full functionality & features of SmartClinix desktop version to ensure a superior experience with mobility. 


SmartClinix Plans for Doctors & Clinics


Fully featured Telemedicine EMR
$ 149
  • Full featured Telemedicine solution with EMR to simulate complete clinic experience. Book appointments and see patients with medical assistant


360 Degree Online Clinic
$ 299
  • Telemedicine EMR with all the features you need to start you own online practice, including website, e-prescription, billing, Insurance credentialing and much more


360 Degree Online Clinic
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  • Comprehensive Online Clinic with your own brand and customized workflows for rounding at other facilities.

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Designed By Physicians For Physicians

SmartClinix is designed by Physicians, for Physicians. Teams of top consultant physicians from across the globe continuously participate in the design, development & enhancement of this project.

The result is a seamless Telemedicine EMR solution where every step, every process and every workflow is aimed to make care delivery convenient, swift and efficient. SmartClinix conveniently manages all operational tasks, allowing physicians to do what they do best – Deliver top quality care. 

SmartClinix is more than just a video link!

At SmartClinix, we believe that Telemedicine is more than just an Audio-Video chat. It should present a complete virtual clinic experience. SmartClinix online consultation solution comes equipped with built-in state-of-the-art EMR, HIPAA compliant video with multi-user triage features, virtual waiting room, queue systems, DICOM, chats & notifications, e-prescriptions, e-faxing, direct ordering of labs & imaging services & much more . This enables the provider to deliver care efficiently, conveniently and without compromises. 

Provide consulations on the go to patients on the move

SmartClinix Telemedicine platform is a cloud based solution hosted on Amazom AWS servers, which makes it accessible at anytime, from anywhere. The built-in EMR system ensures that the patient data is available at hand for reference and updation during teleconsultations. SmartClinix is accessible via all updated browsers, as well as Mobile apps for both iOS and Android, enabling both providers and patients to connect and tele-consult on-the-go without the limitation of being in the office premises. 

Products & Services

  • Video Portal
  • Paperless Registration
  • Patient Communication
  • EMR
  • Customize Solution

Telemedicine & Video portal

Practice anytime, from anywhere. Increase your reach to all your service areas through HIPAA compliant televideo portal by SmartClinix.

  • Increase outreach and revenue
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Enhance physician convenience
  • Decrease overheads

Paperless Registration & Scheduling

SmartClinix provides simple and quick online scheduling and paperless registration for your patients.

  • Get rid of paper filing
  • Have your patients register & schedule appointments online
  • Attend to patients from anywhere

Patient communication & education

Effective doctor-patient communication is a central clinical function in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, which is the heart and art of medicine.

  • Lesser phone calls
  • Share patient education material including videos & audios
  • Communicate with patients

Electronic Health Record

SmartClinix Electronic Health Record is designed by top healthcare and IT professionals to streamline the practice of physicians with complete clinical automation allowing you to access the medical history of the patients anytime from anywhere.

  • Customizable workflow for clinical encounters
  • In network patient case referrals
  • Multi-Specialty Support

Customized Solutions For Your Practice

Physician’s way to practice and collecting data varies from specialty to specialty and it is important to choose an EMR that can rely on your specialty needs. We know that physicians are skilled at doing the treatments not configuring the software so choose what suits your practice best.

  • Specialty Driven Templates
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Focus on Ease of Use
  • Variety of Specialties

SmartClinix Leadership Team

Dr. Zafar Abbas

Director Australia Region

Tim Spargo

Executive manager

Zeeshan Ahmad

Assistant Marketing Consultant

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Awards & Recognition

SmartClinix presents marketplace project at ATA annual Pitch Jam in Chicago, IL.

SmartClinix recognized at Connected Health Conference

SmartClinix qualifies as finalist in GEC Catalyst awards for marketplace project

SmartClinix presents marketplace project at Samsung Digital Health Summit, California

SmartClinix becomes official member of International Society for Telemedicine & E-health

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