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Whether you have an office practice, or not

SmartClinix has you covered!

Digital health is the future of healthcare and encompasses various services including e-communications with patients, online scheduling, Telemedicine, integrations and clinical intelligence protocols, which are becoming essential components of a medical practice . However every medical practice is unique in its needs and having a right customizable solution at right price is the key for better productivity & work-flow optimization. That’s what makes SmartClinix a very unique and natural choice for many independent medical practices.


Electronic Medical Record system

SmartClinix offers a 360 degrees practice solution which includes state-of-the-art EMR to streamline the practice of physicians with complete clinical automation..

SmartClinix provides a cloud based HIPAA compliant portal that helps physicians to improve productivity and deliver an effective way to simplify patient care.

SmartClinix features advanced EMR functionalities including

…and much more. 

Patient portal

SmartClinix patient portal provides simple and quick online scheduling and paperless registration for your patients.

In addition to online scheduling, SmartClinix also comes equipped with automated e-mail and text message notifications, which the system sends out to patients and booked individuals on a specific date prior to their scheduled appointment.

Other features include

…and much more. 

Telemedicine like never before

Telemedicine should not be an inferior make-shift alternative to real life practice. Instead it should simulate complete clinic experience without compromises, infact in a more efficient & convenient manner. 

Telemedicine with is not just an audio-video link between doctor & patient. It is a comprehensive consultation experience with in-consultation EMR access, interactions and multiway call feature. 

SmartClinix utilizes the rapidly evolving digital technology to make remote consultations simpler, more efficient & secure both for the provider and the patient. Telemedicine is the technology of the future, and SmartClinix ensures that it the future of healthcare is progressive, more advanced and superior. 

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