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Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery

Digital health is the future of healthcare and encompasses various services including e-communications with patients, online scheduling, Telemedicine, integrations and clinical intelligence protocols, which are becoming essential components of a medical practice . However every medical practice is unique in its needs and having a right customizable solution at right price is the key for better productivity & work-flow optimization. That’s what makes SmartClinix a very unique and natural choice for many independent medical practices.

SmartClinix is a project of American TelePhysicians (ATP), which is a physicians-led digital healthcare organisation with vast experience in clinical informatics. Not only we understand the clinical work-flow & build ideal customizable solutions for our partners, we also understand their financial needs and provide our services at right cost!

About SmartClinix

American TelePhysicians, a Jacksonville, Florida based digital healthcare company, was founded in 2017 by a team of physicians and IT professionals under the leadership of its founder, Dr. Waqas Ahmed. The vision of the company is to transform the global healthcare industry by focusing on efficient patient care delivery using digital technology. ATP’s mission is to facilitate healthcare accessibility, affordability, and awareness through patient education.

Over the past three years, American TelePhysicians has evolved into a multi-continental organization with operations, outreach, and alliances in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This rapid-paced growth is owed to dedication and synergy of the brilliant international team of over 80 IT developers, business executives from prestigious healthcare organizations, and over 30 multi-specialty physicians.

SmartClinix Leadership Team

Dr. Zafar Abbas

Director Australia Region

Tim Spargo

Executive manager

Zeeshan Ahmad

Assistant Marketing Consultant

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